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XVAL is a metric that utilizes the sophistication of advanced statistics to measure the overall performance of professional sports players, and then compares their performance to what they are paid to ultimately capture the excess value they produce for their team. This is not a ranking of performers from top to bottom. XVAL contains a specific dollar amount of excess value a player produced, which can then be compared to any other player at any other position on any other team. 

Developed by Premier Sports, the XVAL Sports property combines two increasingly popular topics in the sports marketplace – the rapidly growing development and use of advanced statistics to evaluate performance and athlete compensation. XVAL capitalizes on these popular topics in professional sports by being the only value metric that uses salaries to determine if athletes are performing at, above or below what they are getting paid.

Sponsorship opportunities

XVAL provides a unique business perspective regarding which players are producing more value than they are paid to produce.  Here are a couple of areas where this perspective could be attractive in the marketplace:

  • Provide a great opportunity for corporate brands to attach themselves to a “value” message of a very high performing athlete.
  • Provide quality substance/content for both media and fans in the analysis of performance of players, teams and leagues, in addition to specific aspects of the game such as tracking player trades.

XVAL will create, develop and manage several key areas that will comprise the overall “property” and provide value for partnerships with corporate sponsors:

  • Website – the core “go-to” resource for XVAL, complete with daily updates of the rankings index
  • Award – XVAL performer of the week, month or year, GM of the year, etc.
  • Media partnerships – weekly segments on sports talk radio, weekly rankings in publications, etc.
  • PR/social media – daily content to drive awareness and usage of XVAL
  • Education component – development of a math curriculum for schools and students