NCAA Welcome Centers

With the goal of educating the public about the NCAA and its positive impact on college athletics, the organization launched an initiative in 2000 called the NCAA Welcome Center, a fan interactive event that traveled to 10 NCAA Division I Championships each year for three years. Premier Sports was hired by the NCAA to develop the concept and then manage the events around the country. These events were staged in arenas and outside of stadiums to enhance the fan experience at the championships and position the NCAA in a positive light through the use of videos, photos, graphics, printed materials, on-line/technology stations and live interaction.  While some of the components remained the same at every event, portions of the exhibit area were changed to provide sport-specific elements that were a draw for the audience at each championship.

The Objective

  • To create and manage a fan destination site at NCAA Championship weekends that focuses on educating the public on positive NCAA initiatives and increase overall fan experience at the championship events.

The Players

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (governing body)
  • NCAA Corporate Partners (sponsorship)
  • NCAA Championship Sites (facilities)

Our Role

  • Strategic direction of concept and development of overall plan with NCAA
  • Create and design entire fan destination event and all interactive components
  • Management of all events (10 championships per year), including transportation of all “road show” elements
  • Work with NCAA Corporate Partners to integrate branding and promotions
  • Work with championship site facilities and management team to incorporate Welcome Center into overall event

The Results

  • Proclaimed as major success by NCAA, enhancing the association’s image positively based on survey responses