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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is the world’s largest sports ministry and Premier Sports has been a go-to source for the organization in both communications and events. Premier produces and manages FCA’s annual President’s Weekend – a significant vision-casting and fundraising event held in either Florida or Arizona each February. We also assist with other periodic events such as Real Time, which assembles the entire national field staff every third year for a major “team-building” weekend. Premier also developed the FCA’s first significant, strategic communications plan in 2006 and then handled the execution, both external and internal, plus all media services during the three-year implementation period.

The Objective

  • To provide the Fellowship of Christian Athletes with professional support to manage its major events and create a communications system that will maximize the organization’s effectiveness and revenue opportunities.

The Players

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (National Office, client)

Our Role

  • Production and management of FCA’s major national events
  • Development and implementation of organization’s communications plan

The Results

  • President’s Weekend has far surpassed FCA’s financial goals as the ministry’s top fundraising event
  • Helped successfully implement the communications and branding behind “The Heart and Soul of Sports” campaign


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